It's Lonely at the Top

"VMSA has given me a unique opportunity to discuss a range of issues with my mentors without the fear of being judged. My two mentors have generously shared their perspective, challenged me on some of my assumptions and pointed out a few blind spots. It is lonely at the top for a lot of founders, that is why I appreciate the VMSA program and how it has helped me be a better executive at Aimsio."

— Abbas Sarraf, Aimsio

A More Effective Founder and CEO

"FREDsense has been part of many accelerators/incubators and the VMSA program has been one of the highlights. Very rarely do entrepreneurs get a chance to sit down with a mentor and talk about their own personal struggles. This has personally given me a ton of opportunity to grow, learn more about why I am working in this business and become a more effective founder and CEO." 

— David Lloyd, FREDsense

"One of the most difficult parts of entrepreneurship is the lack of personal and professional experience in creating and growing businesses. As a result, most (if not all) entrepreneurs experience moments of uncertainty and self-doubt. Most "accelerator" and "incubator" programs don't encourage deep introspection into these issues that act as major impediments to the growth and development of new businesses. The VMSA serves as a non-judgemental, non-partisan, non-conflicted, Founder first program to support and enhance the skills and inherent motivation of the entrepreneur. The service has been invaluable to my personal growth and the growth of Vivametrica. I can honestly say that without the support of the VMSA Vivametrica would not still exist."

- Rick Hu, Vivametrica

Inside the Echo Chamber

"Being immersed in a startup, an industry, a way of life such as this can mean I am often inside an echo chamber. When I meet with my mentors in the safe and confidential environment they've created, I am free to explore concepts/ideas/motivations/ consequences in depth. Their experience coupled with the ability to ask the right questions means I can pull apart thoughts in a way that makes them fruitful rather than daunting."

— Alisha Olandesca, SOS Charging Solutions

Identifying Impartial Mentors

"Enrolling in VMSA has had a major positive impact on my business. As a first-time entrepreneur with a growing business, I had difficulty identifying impartial mentors that had experienced what I was going through. My mentor group has far exceeded my expectations in terms of giving me the tools to build a successful business and the monthly meetings continue to provide tremendous value as I set the future strategic direction of my business."

— Vincent Ircandia, StellarAlgo

"VMSA has provided unique mentoring and support that focuses more on me personally rather than my business itself. Unlike other networking and mentoring programs (which are also important), I find that the take away from VMSA is more engaging and applicable to everything that I deal with daily." 

- Jamie Ayles, Bow Valley BBQ Inc.

We’re proud to have had 29 companies to date participate, here’s a few:

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