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If you're an entrepreneur who meets all or most of the following criteria, we want to hear from you.

Apply today if, 

  • Your company is SCALABLE, it's growing fast and you want it to go even faster.

  • You have proven traction with minimum revenue of 200K or another generally accepted KPI that measures growth (users, paid pilots, etc.). If you're not sure - just ask us.

  • You've considered or attracted significant funding.

  • You're hiring and improving and implementing processes.

  • You are coachable - this means you have a good attitude and you're ready to learn.

  • You've been coached or advised elsewhere in the Alberta innovation ecosystem.

  • You are ready to be open and vulnerable with our mentors, don't be scared they'll be gentle (most of the time).


Have questions about the criteria or want to chat with us before applying? 


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